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chief economist, Andy Haldane, recently stated that home working had "reshaped our working lives, our economic contributions and our well-being".

Like many other people, Mr Haldane doesn’t miss his commute, however, he is rightly concerned about the loss of working relationships, the “dampening” of “creative sparks” and the lasting impact this may have.

We agree that lone working in a home-office, on a kitchen table or in a make-do area of the house could stifle creativity, and that those scheduled Zoom meetings don’t make up for office banter by the coffee machine.

Human connection does matter...a lot.

One of the challenges the world now faces is to find a way to ‘connect’ and reunite our workforces, ignite the creative spark and move hearts and minds. We believe creative thought is sparked by bringing people together to overcome a mutual challenge. Great things can be achieved when imagination and understanding lead the thought process. This is why The Togetherworks set out to prove that creativity is not lost just because people aren’t having informal chats in the corridor.

We believe creative th

ought is sparked by bringing people together


The Togetherworks believe that businesses just need to connect in different ways and that’s why our approach allows freedom for creativity between colleagues, strengthens connections and unearths hidden talent.

Inducting new staff, training current teams or simply reconnecting and improving morale, we have engineered programmes that can be tailored to meet ever changing needs for turbulent times.

We have a mantra at The Togetherworks; Humour makes us laugh. Discovery makes us understand. Imagination makes us marvel. It’s what makes us tick and what we believe is the right formula that injects that much needed boost into our creative connections.

If you feel stuck in a ‘dark tunnel’ and miss the positive interactions with your team, we can help you get back together.

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