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It is The Togetherwork’s policy to:

  • Identify ways that our activities have an impact on the environment and ensure to minimise their effects.
  • Minimise the environmental impacts of our activities, prevent pollution and continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Whilst providing services to our clients we will protect the environment by making sure to safe guard both eco systems & biodiversity; utilising sustainable resources; and climate change mitigation.
  • Employ systems and procedures that ensure our company's compliance with all relevant legislation and other voluntary obligations relating to the environment.
  • Ensure to minimise environmental effects by conserving energy, materials and resources, minimising consumption, maximising efficiency and effectively managing wastes.
  • Make sure that our relevant employees are aware of our environmental management systems and the potential impacts, and to use suitable control measures to mitigate those adverse impacts.
  • Create a positive influence within our sector and for the clients we serve.

The participation and co-operation of all employees and sub contractors/freelancers is vital to the success of this policy.

This Environmental Policy Statement shall be communicated throughout the organisation and will be publicly available to interested parties.

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