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Team experiences are designed to unite and bond your team, or company together through the Art of Experience. We have learnt that when teams enjoy new experiences together, they strengthen their collaboration skills and become more willing to help each other through difficult situations.

Call, E-mail, or talk to the the Damn fly Llama. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as we can. We then brainstorm ideas with you before curating the right experience for your team. We know every company has different needs and we don't live in a one size fits all world! However, in this challenging world we need to ensure your team feel special and appreciated.

Once we are allowed, YES. Watch this space from the 21st June.

Our culture bundles provide a one stop shop for all your team experiences in one place. We ensure variety and quality, all for a great price. ANOTHER JOB DONE.

We create and source tailored Challenge Packs which are sent to every single team member with games and challenges designed to engage and motivate your team.

Err... Does the bear sh*t in the woods. This is what we were born to do!

We understand that every company will have unique requirements which will test the resolve in keeping staff motivated, engaged and productive. We aim to build Culture Bundles which cater for both live and virtual experiences ensuring constant, fun experiences with your team. Just chat to one of our team and find out more.

This will be our online portal for your company, allowing your employees to book directly, poll experiences with fellow team members, and win prizes from.

How much time do you spend...

a) Discussing what to do?

b) Organising staff?

c) Booking the experience?

d) Trying to get people to engage?

e) Wondering what your team gained from it?

We thought so.. Let us do the work for you.

Prices start from £19pp+VAT, with minimum numbers required. See T&C's

We were just wondering...

How would you describe your company culture?

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